Lainey Bonsell

Buying Your Home

Those three words describe what is often, at the same time, the happiest and scariest experience in our lives. Happy? Certainly. But buying a new home doesn’t have to be scary.

Sure, you’ll have a lot of questions. Questions about what you should be looking for in a home, a neighbourhood or even a lender. Questions about what kind of financing is best for you and how to find it. Questions about what you have to do to get ready for the final closing on the property. None of this is difficult, but most of it is unfamiliar to the average person.

Buyer Counseling Session: I will sit down with you for a preliminary buyer counseling session where she will listen to your needs, wants, time frame and financial situation and discuss the best plan of action to accomplish your goals.

Financing Pre-Qualification: I can arrange a pre-qualification or pre-approval appointment with a reputable lender to identify your range of affordability and explain the various financial options available to you.

Property Evaluation: I will help you evaluate features of a property and discuss criteria that may affect it’s value and future resale

Buyer Agency and Buyer Agreement: The options and benefits of an Agency representation will be explained and discussed for your full understanding. Once you are comfortable with that, we will explain the services and benefits of signing a buyer agency agreement. During this session you will begin to learn about market conditions, financing and housing options. She will also explain the process involved in buying a home.

Estimate of Funds required: I will discuss and help you estimate the additional costs involved in purchasing a home. She will also help you determine what type of down payment you will require for the approved by you. anticipated transaction.

Property Disclosure: I will review with you any available inspection reports, written seller’s disclosure, and any other available documentation pertaining to the property, and answer all questions regarding the property to the best of her knowledge.

Property Showings: I will use all tools available to locate and make appointments to see properties that meet your criteria.

Offer Preparation: I will prepare a typed offer on the property you have chosen to purchase, with the terms and conditions agreed upon and.

Negotiation Strategy: I will suggest a negotiation strategy for the property you have selected.


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