Lainey Bonsell

Buying Your Home

These three words spark excitement, anticipation and in most cases- a little bit of fear. What is often the biggest purchase in your lifetime is certainly a major decision, but buying a home doesn't have to be scary! While the process will no doubt be filled with a multitude of questions about neighbourhoods, lenders, and the many moving pieces involved in a transaction- it is a learning curve. Seeing your dreams come to fruition is a truly thrilling accomplishment, and the reason why I feel so privileged to share the journey with you

Your realtor is your partner in helping you realize your hopes and dreams of owning a new home! Here’s a glimpse into how I can help

-Buyer Counseling Session

-Buyer Agency and Buyer Agreement

-Financing Pre-Qualification

-Estimate of Funds Required

-Property Showings

-Property Disclosure

-Offer Preparation

-Negotiation Strategies

This is just a brief outline of some of the aspects I can help with. Let’s book an appointment for a full discussion on what you can expect when working with me to own your dream!


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