Lainey Bonsell

On The Hunt For a New Home? Exciting!

If you’re the type of person that loves the thrill of the hunt, being ‘in the know’, and browsing listings firsthand; then you will love Collaborate and its extensive features. It’s called Collaborate for a reason- because it allows you, your partner and your realtor to link arms and learn about your likes and dislikes, search, communicate and land the listing of your dreams!


Collab is a user-friendly, intuitive interface that can be accessed from any device. Once your realtor has invited you to join, Collab instantly provides you access to virtually every MLS listing in real time, be notified of new prospects that match your wish list as often as you choose, and provides an additional communication platform for everyone involved in your home search.


Once you have received your invitation and signed up on the Collab site, you have the ability to customize your search parameters by neighbourhood, price, # of bedrooms, you name it!

Feeling adventurous and really looking to shop around? You have the option to set up a number of personalized searches by different areas/alternate parameters


No need to categorize your searches in a paper file folder any longer, the Lists feature allows you to visually organize your searches and are readily accessible on your device so you can quickly reference comparables and competing listings on the spot.


Here’s where your opinion comes into play. Like most things in life you often have an idea if you dislike, like or LOVE something- particularly when you’re ‘shopping’ for a home. Taking some time to browse through flagged listings and sharing your opinion is a great way for your realtor to gauge your preferences; maximizing the chances of matching you with your dream home and making the most of your time. A quick ‘thumbs up’ ‘thumbs down’ ‘Favourite’ or comment can go a long way!


Thanks to this program, the days of looking up a listing you’re interested in, copy and pasting it into an email to send out to your ‘search party’ are behind us. As soon as you tag/comment/add a property to your list these actions will be on the radar to keep everyone in the loop.

Similar to social media sites, Collaborate features a live ‘News feed’ that links you, your partner and your realtor’s comments, tags and search related activities.

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